Sep 27 2009

Changes are blowing in

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Wow…I woke up this morning to sunshine streaming in the windows instead of another rainy, foggy, cloudy, dreary day. The breeze is significantly cooler, and the humidity is lower (yes, 69% is still uncomfortably humid, but is better than the oppressive 90’s we have had for what seems like weeks now).  Weather predictions include cooler, dryer air for the rest of the week, with lows in the upper 40s.  Aah…fall is blowing in! And with the change in the season comes that itch to change our lives. Happens every spring and fall. Usually I can ignore it. But this year it is merely enhancing that wanderlust that is burning my soul. So I wait, fanning that flame in hopes that it shrinks to a sizzling ember.

I had my first reality check this morning when I briefly thought about opening the windows to our fifth wheel to air it out and then realized we don’t have a camper anymore! Hopefully the next month will pass quickly. I’ll likely be working every weekend because of all of the fall festivals during October. That will run us into the first part of November. We’ll likely spend a long weekend in Pigeon Forge when our camper comes in, assuming I still have not gotten a job in some wonderful, faraway location. And sometime in December, I think we will use the vacation time I have been hoarding for an extended trip out west…perhaps to Tucson.

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One Response to “Changes are blowing in”

  1.   Reneon 28 Sep 2009 at 12:30 pm     1

    Well, if you do come out west, you have to let us know OK?

    Hey, thanks so much for starting blog and the kind comments about Jim, myself and Jerry. We look forward to getting to know you guys better!

    Happy Fall,