Oct 04 2009

Introducing me, Riley Pup!

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Introducing Riley PupHi to mom’s RVer friends. Mom said she wanted to introduce me to other friends that aren’t furbarkers, and since I snuck on the ‘puter once to say hi to her furbarker friends, she said I could do this one too. Something about its furapeutic to write about yourself. It’ll take me longer to type, mom says ’cause I don’t have opposable thumbs. Sometimes she tells me that if I had opposable thumbs, she’d make me work to earn my keep. But I’m not sure what that means.

So, I was born in Georgia to Jack Sparrow and Nicki. I’m 19 months old, and came to live with Mom and Pop when I was 9 weeks old. I was really scared on the trip home, and rode in Aunt Lola’s lap all the way while Mom drove us back. Once I got out of the car at Aunt Lola’s, mom let me splore her yard and that’s where I learned to climb steps. Then, when I came home later that day, Ladybug was here with Pop. She looked alot like me, but she had really long, fuzzy hair, and she couldn’t use her rear legs very well at all. Mom said she had DM, whatever that means. Lady showed me the ropes, like where to poop and pee, and how to play nice with the kitties. Not long after I came home, Lady’s back legs finally wouldn’t work anymore, and Mom and Dad took her to the vet and then came home crying really hard and told me Lady wasn’t suffering anymore and was with Kayle out in our field. Sometimes I go to visit them there. I never got to meet Kayle, but I know that she was super-special to Mom and Dad. They really loved Ladybug too, but Kayle was their firstborne, and I don’t think that she was a loner like Lady. Lady was kinda funny, and really preferred fuzzies like her Kayle and kitties to humans, maybe cause Mom rescued her from a feed store lot when she was older than I am now, and she hadn’t been around humans that much. Jacobean was her favorite kitty. Mine is Boobits, cause he likes to pway with me. Mom told me that Kayle was really attached to her and Pop, kinda like I am. I sure wish I could have known Kayle. From what I hear, she really liked to play with toys, like me.

I have 8 brothers and sisters now. They are Boobits, Sheba-love, Niblet, Jacobean, Samson, Booger, Abby (but Mom & Pop call her Poopies cause she’s stinky sometimes) and Tom Tom Tail Sucker (he sucks tail). They’re all kitties, and sometimes I think I act too much like a kitty, like when I rub and weave between peoples legs, or get in the litterbox (I like kitty cookies), or play with the kitty toys. That’s a bunch of kitties, but they have all been rescued from really bad situations. Jacobean walked on his elbow when he came home cause he has a torn nerve in his shoulder, Niblet had been hit by a car and was blind in one eye, Sam was rescued from the animal shelter, Sheba & Boobits were rescued from the side of the road when they were really little, and Booger, Abby, and Tom Tom were almost starved to death at my uncle’s house cause something bad happened to their mom.  I think Mom and Dad took turns feeding them with bottles and droppers every few hours for weeks until they were bigger and better.

I really like to play and play and play. My favorite toys are my cuzzes (I have 3!). I play with those all the time, and when Mom and Pop watch TV, I squeak them really loud so they can’t hear it. I also love stuffed animals that are big and long, cause I like to sling them around and around. I have my own puppy chair, but really don’t mind sharing with the kitties. I love to play frisbee and chase my ball outside too. Oh, and I LOVE to get in the creek, and sometimes I get fussed at for sneaking away to get in by myself. Mom will tell me to get my biscuits back to the house.

Mom works doing something with the environment, and Pop is taking care of rental properties and remodeling our house right now. I just helped him replace all the windows and put new siding on the outside of the house. I think we are going to renovate an apartment next week. Maybe I can go with him everyday while Mom is working.

I think I was a late bloomer, cause I only recently started to like riding in the car. I’d do it, but it was a chore. But this past summer, I figured out that hanging your head out the window is fun when we’re going pup-speed. I also love to go camping. Mom says we are getting a new camper soon. I can’t wait to sniff it out and go somewhere new.

Mom feeds me human food cause she says the bagged, dry stuff can be really bad for us pups. So she cooks me lots of good food, like chicken, beef roasts, with chicken liver, brown rice, carrots, sweet taters, broccoli, green beans, and other green stuff that actually tastes good. I also get cottage cheese, eggs sometimes, and yogurt. And she changes my food alot, something about so I don’t get allergic to stuff…I don’t understand that, but I really like her cooking!! I never know what the next batch will have in it. Occasionally I get fish…that’s my favorite cause it is really stinky! I never get fleas cause I eat good food, and my belly is always happy. Mom says a happy belly makes happy poopies!

Mom and Pop are working so we can camp all the time. I think it will be a big adventure, but I hope we can still come home sometimes so I can play in the creek and romp in the yard! Gotta run. Time now for mom to cook supper and I have to help!


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  1.   ratnaeon 09 Oct 2009 at 4:56 pm     1

    Riley, we can’t wait to meet you! My Mom makes me homemade food too. She cooks better foods for me than my Dad! At least that’s what my Dad says. Tell your Mom to send her some recipes so we can trade. Maybe we could have a doggie diner food blog? Hmmm…

    -Wyatt Ray Dawg