Oct 12 2009

I’m lazy, therefore I snooze!

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Hey RVers! Riley Pup here. I sure am lazy this afternoon. We got up early cause mom had to go to work really early, really far away. She threw out rabies vaccine bait so the wild critters don’t get rabies.  I really wanted to go with her, but she said the bait is really fishy smelling and stinky, and she suspected I would sneak and eat some of it. And she thinks over-vaccination causes baaaad health problems for us pups, so I didn’t get to help. I wouldn’t have snuck any, really!

But, I did get to go and help lay carpet at an apartment with pop. Then, since mom finished baitinga little early, she picked me up and brought me home for a lazy afternoon snoozing inside since it is rainy and nasty outside. I can’t make up my mind between my puppy chair and the couch though. Earlier, I plopped my happy butt right in mom’s lap and napped there for a long time while she worked on the puter.

I sure do wish our camper would hurry up and get here so we can go on a road trip. All this anticipation sure is hard work!

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