Dec 18 2009

Riley’s Excellent Adventure

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Dawg, have I been a busy Pup these past two weeks. We left home to go out west. I don’t understand that exactly, but I do know that we rode a really, really long time in the truck….and I do mean days!

I’ve seen really cool sunsets.

I’ve hiked for miles and miles and miles. Check out this cool wash in Catalina State Park. I don’t know why they call it a wash, cause no one was there taking a bath, but I really liked romping in the sand. I just wish I didn’t have to be on this stupid leash so much!

Mom and Pop keep driving us WAY out into the desert on these really bad, bumpy roads. A few days ago, we drove for miles and miles and miles thru this place called Ironwood National Monument in AZ. We were almost back to the interstate, when we came to the river that was flooded. We had to turn around and drive all the way back the way we came, like 20 miles, in the dark, cause the water was several feet deep!! That took us another couple of hours! I thought it was great fun when the cows crossed the river to come see us while Dad was trying to turn the truck around and not get us stuck in the deep sand. I barked at them, but I was really laughing inside cause they were funny!

We go rockhounding. I helped Mom dig up some cool, blue rocks the other day, while Pop splored a mine. She said that made me the official rockhound!

I listen close for scary things that go bump in the day and night, in case something like those scary doves try and get Mom or Pop, or in case the coyotes that keep howling at night get too close to the doghouse.

Oh, I can’t forget the javelinas. I worked hard barking and barking and barking to scare them off!

This is me, being a German Shepherd. Mom says that was my feeble attempt at a stack, whatever that means…

I’ve eaten lots of sandwiches for lunch, and taken long naps in the evening, cause all this road tripping is wearing me out!

I’ve played frisbee in a dawg run , made friends with a cousin in Tombstone , and scared up some antelope for mom and pop to see !!

I left lots of tracks in my big honkin sandbox in Texas , zoomed up and down hills chasing mom and pop as they slid down the sand dunes on big saucersĀ , got sand in my mouth , and cactus needles in my tongue cause I tried to play stick with a cactus limb (mom said she didn’t have the heart to take pictures of that, but her and pop held me down while they plucked lots of needles out of my tongue – that hurt BAD). I didn’t know the stick had sticker-fuooeys in it!

We rode up to the top of Mt. Lemmonade and played in the snow . And you know what was really cool? I made yellow snow!

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4 Responses to “Riley’s Excellent Adventure”

  1.   Wyatt Ray Dawgon 20 Dec 2009 at 6:01 pm     1

    Dude, oh my gosh what stories you have! You could write a book about all of the cool things you are doing and seeing out there. I can’t wait to get out of Los Angeles and have fun and chase javalenas and be a rock hound.

    But I think we all want to know…what does cactus taste like?

    You silly dude, stop trying to be so cool and do such crazy things. I’ve never heard of a dog trying to eat a cactus, man, that’s nuts!

    Can’t wait to meet you, cool Dawg.

  2.   Wyatt Ray Dawgon 20 Dec 2009 at 6:02 pm     2

    Hey I just saw that’s my Mom’s avatar photo! I gotta have her figure out how to get my own.

  3.   bswitteron 20 Dec 2009 at 9:50 pm     3

    The bad thing is, I still don’t know what cactus tastes like, cause there was a needle stuck in every one of my freakin tastebuds!

    Mom says that when you figure out how to change those avatar thingies, to let her know cause her puter skills aren’t that soapiscated, whatever that means!

    From what I can understand, we will be here in Ajo for a few more days, then we’re goin to Yuma for a few days, then probably Anza Borrego. Let us know when you escape that big honkin city. Maybe we can meet up. I’ll show you how to not play stick with a cactus!

  4.   Pat Gravetton 23 Dec 2009 at 2:26 pm     4

    Hey Dawg, You’re having more fun than Mom and Pop! Keep it up and we can call you Snoopy instead of Riley Pup, but keep your nose (and tongue) out of the cactus!