Dec 18 2009

The Hillbillies Go Grocery Shopping

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I normally hate grocery shopping…despise, detest, abhore, loathe, you get the picture. Except when we are on vacation, that is. Since our choices at home are extremely limited, consisting of Hellmart (and not a good one), BiLo (buy high to us), UGO (one sniff & you-go away fast), Save-a-Little (on dented, sometimes out of date, & off-brand products), & Shop Wrong (think Satan & his minions), well, who’s to blame me?

Which is why, when we go on vacation, we both look forward to going to farmers markets and real grocery stores to shop for new and unusual products. While we haven’t stumbled upon a farmers market on this trip (out of season), we have ventured into several interesting grocery stores.

Take Lowe’s in Monahans, TX. Totally unexpected, as when I think Lowe’s, I think home improvement, bastards, minions, and other less-than-lady-like descriptions. Lowe’s grocery store is a local TX chain, and though overall nothing special, it was new to us, and admittedly different on several levels. Take for instance the 15 lb cans of hominy, or the mounds of jalapenos. Their tortilla selection was so vast that I was seeing circles for hours.

Then there was Fry’s Marketplace in Sauharita, AZ. LOVE that one. We were so completely overwhelmed at the sheer volume and variety in the bakery, produce, and meat departments that we couldn’t find what we were looking for.  I told James we were like the Beverly Hillbillies grocery shopping. I am sure we were good entertainment for several fellow customers, as we zipped from isle to isle, stumbling from item to item, and exclaiming over and over about ALL THAT FOOD!!!

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  1.   Reneon 20 Dec 2009 at 6:07 pm     1

    At first I used to hate grocery shopping in unfamiliar stores. But then I learned to relax and took it for what it was, an experience in regional cuisine. Like the Piggly Wiggly in the South and it’s endless variety of canned pork brains. Or H.E.B. in Texas, where you have 100 different kinds of Texas salsa AND chips to choose from! As long as you’re not in a hurry, that kind of excursion can be really fun.

    But as an RVer just traveling though, unfortunately, HellMart is the quickest way to shop. Homogenous. Exactly the same no matter where you go. And cheap. A Love / Hate relationship for sure.

    Your adventures are looking really great, so happy you got out to see the world again!

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