Jan 05 2010

Campin’ Kitties

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We brought our entire kitty herd along for the roadtrip….Pup would be lost without his Zachman to pway with, and the other kitties to keep him company too.

This is Abby in a coma.         She doesn’t care what we do to her, asleep or not.

She is also know as Poopies, and the helpy-helper-ton. Anytime there is anything going on, she is right in the middle of it. Take our trying to pack the dive bags for our dive  into San Solomon Spring at Balmorhea State Park in Texas…Abby had to help hold down the dive bag after she figured out that we were not going to let her sleep in it.  

Samson has been camping with us since he was about 5 weeks old, and barely bigger than my hand. Here he is minding his manners at the kitchen table.  

Sam has a very small personal space, AKA the Sam-circle. He was snoozing in the chair when Zachman decided to snuggle. Sam is frowning at him, contemplating licking and then biting Zach for intruding into his circle.   Sam’s favorite sleeping position:   . Sam’s a happy camper .

Jacobean has been camping with us since we rescued him. Bean and Sam were with us during our full-time days. Because of Beanie’s bad leg, his preferred resting position is hanging out.

Booger-beans leads an incredibly complex life…the highlights of which include bathing  

and sleeping… and sleeping   and sleeping   and sleeping and you guessed it, sleeping  .

Tom Tom Tail Sucker sleeps almost as much as Booger….

The kitties have adjusted surprisingly well to the smaller doghouse. We knew Sam and Beanie would have no problems traveling. Tom Tom, Booger, and Abby adapt quite nicely to any changes we throw at them. The problem was Zachman, who screams at the top of his lungs anytime there is a major environmental change. Fortunately, he has only meowed a few times before moves when the kitty tunnel into the basement gets blocked before we move. I knew they had adjusted quite well when we woke up one morning to glass clanging and to this: . Empty food bowls equal chaos in Switter household. The kitties get upset and start rearranging objects.  Our investigation revealed that the kitties were stacking their food bowls up because they were empty. I can’t imagine what they would do if they had opposable thumbs!!

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  1.   Pat Gravetton 14 Jan 2010 at 4:48 pm     1

    Loved the kittie stories. Bout time they got a fair share of the printed page~ LOL