Mar 16 2010

Hoppy birfday to MEEEEEEEEEE!

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Bow wow wow!  Today is my birfday! I am officially TWO years old. Mom says I should be considered an adult pup now, but that since I don’t act my age, and am still grounded from eating the ‘puter cord and box thingy last week, that I am STILL a rebellious teen-pup to her. That’s okay though….I guess I’ll always be young at heart.

Mom and Pop don’t make big deals out of birfdays, so no pawty for me. But I bet that Mom will come home with another toy for me one day soon. I’m hoping for another big stuffed animal to toss around and zoom through the house with!

Check this out…this was me in the car with Aunt Lola on the day Mom brought me home. I was 9 weeks old then. I don’t remember it, but Mom says I was really scared until I got out of the car at home. Dawg, I grew huh?

Homeward Bound

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One Response to “Hoppy birfday to MEEEEEEEEEE!”

  1.   Spirit Jerry G. Dawg, Rene, Jim & Wyatt Ray Dawgon 17 Mar 2010 at 12:13 am     1

    Awwwww Riley, look at YOU! My how you’ve grown! Can we pinch your cheeks and go “awwwwwwwww”!

    Hoppy birthday big boy! We hope you get lots of new toys to chew up.

    As for acting your age, why would you ever want to do THAT? Silly humans.