Mar 28 2010

Riley’s B.A.R.F.

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Dawgs, am I a spoiled pup! See, mom thinks that most of the processed, bagged kibble is not good for pups. She says that some kinds have rendered dead, diseased, dying, and disabled animals in them. I don’t know what some of that means, but I do know that from the look on her face when she talked about that, I don’t think I wanna eat it. And she says she worried about my belly getting all bloaty from eating the kibble anyway. So she cooks me YUMMY food. Plus, alot of times I eat what her and pop are eating. My favorite is steak and eggs! Too bad I don’t get that very often.

Anyway, last week pop went to my aunt’s farm, and brought home a freezer-full of beef.  Dawgs…I am talking HUGE freezer chock-a-block full of yummy stuff. I even spied some bones and trachea in the mix! Mom says that it is good stuff, with no antibiotics or other nasty stuff. And Aunt Maria’s cows are happy cows, just like on the California happy cow commercials (How you doin’?) , with lots and lots of green pastures to hang out in.

Yesterday, pop cut up a roast for mom to cook for supper, and gave me the bone!  Mom calls it my BARF. I’m confused about that, ’cause it doesn’t look like any barf I’ve ever made. She says it stands for biologically appropriate raw food, or bones and raw food. All I know is that it was a raw bone with some yummy raw meat on it. I don’t get raw food often…mostly cooked cause the raw stuff grosses mom out too much. But I sure do love the boners!! Here I am, chowing on barf!

Pop has been calling me cow breath!

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2 Responses to “Riley’s B.A.R.F.”

  1.   The Tripawds Gangon 05 Apr 2010 at 1:36 am     1

    RileyDawg, you are one spoiled pup! A whole cow? All to yourself? OMD! Do your pawrents get to have any?

    My pawrents had to go to the grocery store yesterday and beg for bonez for me. They almost got me pig feet by mistake. Pig feet? Isn’t that sick? But they found me some mystery bonez and I had one today. It was OK. Not like your fancy schmancy organic happy dead cow stuff though. I’m jealous. Can you send me some?

    Your bad boy friend,
    Wyatt Ray Dawg

  2.   bswitteron 05 Apr 2010 at 8:51 am     2

    Pigs feet? Dude…that’s, well, oinky. Bet they don’t smell like fritos! Glad your pawrents found you some boners. Mom tried here, and the meat dude looked as if he might have a stroke at the thought of buying a good dawg BONES. (gasp). I would have bit him on the hiney if I’d been there!!
    Yeah, I gotta share with mom and pop. But lucky for meeeeee that they don’t eat alotta beef. I’ll score on the burger and roasts.
    Mom says she is feeling a bit guilty over the happy dead cow thing. I think she should take me to aunt Maria’s farm so I can herd em up.
    Oh, and when you fly east, swing by here. We’ll raid the freezer!