May 05 2010


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Dawgs…we have been busy the last few weeks, and I haven’t been able to hog-dog the ‘puter to tell you ’bout my ventures. But here’s the latest! Last weekend Mom and Pop drove us to a big city called Atlanta in Georgia. Mom said I was born just south of there, but I don’t remember being there. Anyway, we stayed at a NICE hotel that was really friendly to us 4-legged souls. Get this…I was allowed to go in the lobby, through the hallways, and even up the elevator! And the best part?? Mom and Pop let me sleep in the bed with them!!!  I sometimes sneak onto the bed in the camper and get fussed at.  I can’t get into the bed at home cause it is way too high, and I am too scared to jump all the way up there.  But I think I might have to learn to jump that high ’cause this was toooo cool! I did my best to sleep on top of mom alllll night…she kept telling me I am too big! And I think maybe I made her legs sore cause she couldn’t move ’em much thru the night. At least I kept her warm!

I can’t quite figure out the whole elevator thing. I really scared me, cause I felt like I was falling when it moved. I thought that slinking my belly low to the floor would help, but then my feet went in different directions on the slickery floor. And what is up with packing a bunch of people in the vader anyway? Jeeze…at one point there were 7 humans on that thing, plus me! I tried not to sniff anybody’s butt, but they were right in my face! What do they expect?

So now, I can’t wait to get our camper back…(Mom and Pop took it back to the dealer for some repairs). I’m gonna try sneaking into the bed with mom and pop in the middle of the night. Maybe they’ll let me stay???

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  1.   Reneon 07 May 2010 at 1:49 am     1

    Hey Riley, what an adventure! We are scared to death to take Wild Boy Wyatt into a hotel…will you show him how to behave so we can stay someplace nice sometime? We could sure use a break from the dog house on wheels.

    Where ya going in the camper? Hey I know, come to Colorado and meet Wyatt!

  2.   RIley Pupon 07 May 2010 at 2:11 pm     2

    Hey Rene,
    Mom says I could be a good influence and a bad influence on Wyatt Ray. I get really scared when I see big dawgs like me, and I still bark and growl and grumble to show them how tough I should be. Mom wants me to learn to
    play nice with big dawgs like I do with kitties and little dawgs. If Wyatt Ray sees me act all mean, I mean scared, he might get all mouthy too!
    I can’t wait to meet Wyatt Ray though! Mom says hopefully our paths will cross soon!!

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