Jul 09 2010

Road-trippin’ with Riley!

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Dawgs, we have been busy lately! Mom has been saying that we need to update my blog, but haven’t taken the time. Here’s why! We took a long road trip to Tellico Plains. While we were at the campground , we played in my favorite swimming hole in Citico Creek  , I helped Pop look for gold and cool rocks, I played steeeeek in the creek  , napped in the camper  , begged to go out and pway more more more , chewed on Papaw  , and hid between the chairs while mom cooked dinner (she says I have the dropsy cause I am afraid she will drop something on me when she clanks dishes) . I worked hard protecting the camper while we hung out in the campground  !  We drove up the mountain and stopped along the way to sniff out the views  .  We hiked a really long trail down to a creek to the Conasagua River Falls  , and I fretted over Pop when he climbed down the falls to take more pictures  . Mom made us be posers next to another river  above the Bald River Falls (why is it bald??).   After that long week, it started to storm and rain A LOT at home. The thunder scared me so bad that I decided the safest place to be was in Mom’s lap!  . Mom and Pop have been calling me the scaredy-chicken since that night! I was so tired after our camping trip that I kept falling asleep every time I was still for a couple of minutes  !  Once I got rested up from that trip, I had the energy to zoom thru the house again  !  Then mom and pop decided we were going on another camping trip to Papaw’s for a yard sale  . I don’t know why they said they were going to sell his yard and all of our junk in it, but Mom and Pop said I was a good dawg cause I didn’t bark very much at all those people who kept coming and buying all that stuff, even though I was tied to the camper!

Oh! Mom got pretty upset when this creepy dude tried to BUY MEEEEEE! Yeah. You read that right. He kept begging her to buy me, like I was a piece of all that junk lying around. Mom was nice to him at first, cause she wanted him to buy some of the stuff they were trying to get rid of. But then him and his wife were serious and begging her and Pop. I saw him pull out some money and try to get Mom to take it in exchange for me. Get this….she told him her and Pop would not take a million dollars for me. Then mom got MAD! She got really serious with them, and asked if they had kids. When they said they did, she asked them if they would sell her one of their kids since she doesn’t have one. I grinned when I saw them look a little like mom had smacked them or somethin’!! I heard the woman tell mom NO WAY. Mom told her POINT MADE – my child is not for sale either! And they left us alone after that!!! I really wanted to bite the man for being so obnoxious and for ticking mom off like that!

While we were staying at Papaw’s place, I snuck into the front seat of Mom’s car.  I wanted to drive, but she wouldn’t let me….something about not having opposable thumbs and a driver’s license, whatever that means! Oh! And I have been helping Pop in the yard and garden. Check out our sunflower field!  I keep getting in trouble because I like to chomp at the bees. Last year I had to go to the VET cause one stung the roof of my mouth and left a scary red spot that Mom totally freaked out over. I don’t know what the big deal was though. The VET gave me some pills and I got alllll better. Today, I saw a real-life sneaky-snake in our tree in the yard  . I am back to playing with Spanky-spider until our next road-trip  !

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  1.   Reneon 10 Jul 2010 at 4:11 pm     1

    Oh Riley! You HAVE been busy! I’m out of breath reading all of your adventures.

    Can’t believe someone tried to buy you like some cheap used car or something! Well they were pretty stupid, and it’s a good thing they didn’t sell your mom their kid because then you’d be stuck with their stupid kid! Well, if it ever happens again, just bite em. You were way too nice!

    Hope you get to come out west again soon, you and Wyatt have GOT to get together!