Aug 08 2010

The Guilty-Dawg Grin

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Mom says I am a good dawg. I believe her. I mind her most of the time, like when she tells me to stop chewing on the kitties. But Boo is irressistable…I can’t help but chew on him when Mom or Pop is twitching him and tickling him. But I figured it out….when I get in trouble for chasing or chewing on Boo, I just give Mom the guilty-dawg grin.

She’s such a sucker!! This gets me out of trouble almost everytime! 

So take notes class! If you are about to get in trouble, or if you are already in trouble, lay down and roll over on your back. Flop your legs out so that you are showing all of your stuff. Fold your front paws over, then grin really really big, so your teefers are showing…..just like this!    Your humans will forget about the trouble you just caused, guaranteeeeeed!

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One Response to “The Guilty-Dawg Grin”

  1.   Reneon 08 Aug 2010 at 7:39 pm     1

    Riley boy, don’t you ever teach that to our Wyatt Ray! I’ll melt in an instant! Too cute!