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Dec 13 2010

Love me some beaches!

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Consider upgrading your account to remove ads from your site and access enhanced blog features!Dawgs, we had a busy weekend. There’s almost nothing better than roadtrippin with my head out the window to sniff out new places.  Saturday we drive to this place mom and pop called Rockport, to a dawghouse-fixin-place, to have our refrigerator checked […]

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Dec 09 2010

Stew It

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Consider upgrading your account to remove ads from your site and access enhanced blog features!Dawgs, mom cooks me huge batches of yummy food at home. I love pup-food-cookin-day! I get freshly cooked nummies, plus I get to help do the dishes. I ran outta food a couple of days ago, and so mom has been feeding me […]

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Dec 08 2010

Dawg Exorcisms

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Dawgs, mom says I have too much pent-up energy for this little dawghouse. Just this morning I was zooming in circles on the bed like a mad dawg. Mom bit her tongue, laughed at me, and even videoed it, but she says her technical ignorance is preventing her from posting the video so all of my beloved fans […]

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Dec 05 2010

Sand spurs, peli-cans, and toys oh my

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Dawgs, we have been lazy today. It is f-f-freezing outside compared to yesterdays sunny weather, so mom and pop didn’t want to go outside to play all day. After a lot of begging and pestering,  I finally convinced them to take me for a really long walk to splore our new neighborhood all proper like. […]

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Dec 04 2010

Laughin’ on Baffin Bay

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Dawgs, we went road trippin again today. We left Port Aransas, home to the mother of all birds that are big, dark, and holey, those scary peli-can-eat-dawgs. We drove to this new place that mom called BFE land while she laughed with glee as we zipped through the 70 mile per hour speed zone down this narrow, tarred and feathered, […]

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Dec 03 2010

Fun in the Sun

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Whew, what a day. We played and played on the beach today. Here I am streaking out of the water to go get my steeeeeek. I chased my steeeeeek until I could barely stand up.  Then I chased it some more!  Pop and I played in the waves  until I was so pooped out that […]

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Dec 02 2010

Road trippin’ across Texas

Dawgs, guess what? We are road-trippin again. Mom and Pop brought me back to that big honkin state called Texas, and I even got new shoes for it cause pop says that there are nasty sand spurs that will stick in my toe pads like those stupid cactus needles stuck in my tongue out in […]

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