Dec 03 2010

Fun in the Sun

Filed under It's a Dawg's Life

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Whew, what a day. We played and played on the beach today. Here I am streaking out of the water to go get my steeeeeek.

I chased my steeeeeek until I could barely stand up.  Then I chased it some more! 

Pop and I played in the waves  until I was so pooped out that I almost had to lay down in the sand to rest. After we walked back to the camper, I got a BATH outside with the waterhose. I didn’t know that was going to be part of my fun day in the sun. But at least it was warm water! I managed to make it inside the dawghouse and squeek my cuz a few times before I passed out. 

Mom says a tired dawg is a good dawg. I say whatever! Cause after I took a power nap, I was ready to go go go again! Mom snuck this picture of me chasing my Boobits all over the camper after my snoozy….I think we are moving somewhere else tomorrow. I really don’t want to leave the beach, but I can’t wait to see where we are going next!

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