Dec 05 2010

Sand spurs, peli-cans, and toys oh my

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Dawgs, we have been lazy today. It is f-f-freezing outside compared to yesterdays sunny weather, so mom and pop didn’t want to go outside to play all day. After a lot of begging and pestering,  I finally convinced them to take me for a really long walk to splore our new neighborhood all proper like. I had lots of pee-mail to read out there! By the time we walked to the shuffle board courts, I had a nasty sticker-fooey between my toes and was hobbling along in pain. After mom tried to get it out herself and said a few bad words, she let pop dig the sticker-fooey outta my foot.  Ahhh….much better, until she whipped out those stupid shoes and made me wear them….IN PUBLIC! It was bad enough that I had to wear them around our house back in Tennessee  after my Fedex buddy brought them (I’m gonna bite his ass for that). But talk about humiliation. I sound like a friggin horse when I walk on pavement….clippety cloppedy, clippety cloppedy.  And people stared at me like I was some sort of freak of nature. I was really embarrassed….at first.

 Then something odd happened. First, this woman smiled at me and told me those were nice shoes. (Really?) Mom told her thanks, and that I was wearing them to keep the sticker-fooeys outta my toes. The woman said that was a great  idea and she hadn’t thought of doing that for her dawg. Later, we saw her running with a Scottie, who I wanted to nibble on, just a little, like my kitties. Then, a nice man pulled up in his car and asked if I was wearing the shoes to keep from getting sand spurs. He said he has german shepherds, and wanted to know what kinda shoes they are and where to get em, because he is going to have his wife buy some for their dawgs. (REALLY?) Hmmm…so I am thinking that maybe mom is on to something after all. The strangers who were staring at me weren’t making fun of me. They think I’m cool in my new shoes! Wowee! Whadda ya think?  

So while we were on our walkabout today, guess what we saw?? Yeah, those scary peli-can-eat-dawgs.  I was so wonked out by the sight of them  that the waves were scaring me, and a plastic bag almost made me poo myself just a little. Mom says she doesn’t understand my fascination and fear with those mother of all big, dark, and holey birds. But what’s not to fear? Those things are huge! I think they are throw-backs from the Pleistocene era. The birds back home don’t look like that. I’m no dumb dumb dawg. I’m not gonna go down the goozle of one of those huge beasts.

So after our long walk, I pranced back to the camper feeling all better about myself, since apparently the strangers staring at me weren’t laughing, but instead were of the opinion that I am one cool dawg sporting my new shoes. I was so happy that I had to dig in my toy basket a little. I packed (okay, mom really did it) all my important stuff, like all my cuzzes, spanky-spider, poundy-penguin, my boners, my little jolly ball, and my ropes.  I try and keep them organized…a cuz here, a rope there. You know, convenient no matter where I am in the dawghouse. Unfortunately, mom keeps pitching them back to my toy basket. Guess I will just have to spread them out again!

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2 Responses to “Sand spurs, peli-cans, and toys oh my”

  1.   Reneon 09 Dec 2010 at 3:37 pm     1

    Hey Riley, Wyatt has those cool shoez too, those pickers are nasty!

    You can tell people they can get the coolest dawg shoes on earth at!

  2.   Riley Pupon 09 Dec 2010 at 8:15 pm     2

    So we are both cool dawgs? Wowee! Mom said she will pass that on the next time someone asks!