Dec 09 2010

Stew It

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Dawgs, mom cooks me huge batches of yummy food at home. I love pup-food-cookin-day! I get freshly cooked nummies, plus I get to help do the dishes. I ran outta food a couple of days ago, and so mom has been feeding me what her and pop have been eating, plus other nummies like eggs for breakfast. For dinner last night I had pork roast, taters, and carrots! I prefer bach-bach food, but the roast was pretty yummy!! Sometimes I almost wish she would feed me what her and pop are eating all the time!

 Today she cooked up another batch of pup food.  I’m kinda excited about pup-food cookin in the dawghouse, cause mom makes smaller batches. This is great for two reasons….first, if mom hasn’t had a chance to cook me more nummies, when I run out then I get to eat what her and pop are eating. And that means fresh meals cooked just for mememe too…say, steak n taters, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, bach bach and veggies, SALMON, you get the picture. Delish!

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