Dec 13 2010

Love me some beaches!

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Dawgs, we had a busy weekend. There’s almost nothing better than roadtrippin with my head out the window to sniff out new places.  Saturday we drive to this place mom and pop called Rockport, to a dawghouse-fixin-place, to have our refrigerator checked out. The we went over to Goose Island State Park, where we saw a humongous, 1000 year old Live Oak Tree.  Check it out…

After that, I met a cousin! Yep, her name is Sam. She’s only three months old, kinda like a mini-me. And boy was she sassy! She was so mouthy that she wouldn’t stop barking at me long enough so she could be still and let mom take our picture. She scared me a little. I don’t mind small dawgs much, but when they make wierd sudden moves I get freaked out a little. Mom fusses cause I tend to show my teefers if they get in my face too much, you know, like I’m gonna bite ’em. Little does she know it is just an act!  Boy, I really wanted to play with Sam. Sure do wish she would’ve been quieter and chilled out some! Her dad said she is trying to counter-surf all ready!

After a really long day Saturday, I crashed hard in the bed, snuggled up to my Beanie.  

On Sunday, we drove down to Brownsville, TX and then over to South Padre Island, to the BEACH! I absolutely love my beaches!! I got to zoom in the sand. And I found a HUGE steek that I wanted so bad! I tried my best to dig a hole underneath it so I could get a really good grip on it to drag it back to the car with me.  Can you believe mom and pop made me leave without it?  They said it was too big to haul back to the dawghouse. That was the mother of steeks! I could have used that thing to fend off those crazy peli-can-eat-dawgs that we saw flying everywhere!! Anyway, I was a good poser for pop.  On our way home, I had to declare my citizenship at the border patrol station. I was a little worried since I still don’t have a pawsport, but mom said it would be okay since I am a german-american citizen. And she was right. Just like when we were in Arizoners, Mr. Border Patrol dude just looked in the back window at me to be sure I wasn’t harboring any illegal dawgs, and sent us on our merry way after another cousin had a good sniff around our car. Wonder what we will get into next week??

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