Jul 10 2011


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Dawgs! I am scooping as fast as I can! Here’s what I do know. Mom says that unless a cat-tastrophe happens, we going on a long roadtrip and are gonna turn into fulltimers with benefits. She’s gonna give a dawg a notice about our roadtrip next week sometime. But I can’t figure out when we are leaving. Mom said Pop is getting crowned at the dentist after he drags the dawghouse back from Texas in August. I guess the crown is his prize for all that dragging. She also said we might go to Texas early and ride back with pop while he drags the dawghouse home to stuff it with the kitty herd and all my toys! Anyway, stay tuned! I’m gonna keep snooping and scooping! I am hoping that we will go to the Texas coast so I can pimp my beaches!!

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