Aug 29 2011

We’re going where?????

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“INDIANA? WTH is in Indiana?”

Ha! The universe has a very twisted and corny sense of humor. After a week and a half at home, filled with anxious anticipation of western-living, last-minute errands, long to-do lists, too many rental repairs, truck repairs, and unexpected ER visits and doctor appointments for my sick dad, the call came last Saturday afternoon as we were driving back from picking up MORE parts for Bertha (That’s a different rant). Completely unexpected, as James’ boss usually calls on Thursdays or Fridays with work assignments.

Fowler, Indiana. Home of, well, corn. Lots and lots of corn. And hundreds of wind turbines. I have to admit….not only was the call to work unexpected; so was the job location. But who’s complaining? (No, I’m merely whining a little. There IS a difference.) They are paying us to hang on in these corn fields. The job should not last more than another month. And it is much nicer here than, oh, say Arkansas. I do feel bad for James though, because he was sent here as the newly-promoted site-leader to deal with personnel issues resulting from a power-hungry leader who is now likely hanging out at home, being one with his remote control as he awaits the arrival of that first unemployment check. James has almost figured out how to deal with the guys who were stuck under Mr. Macho, corrected some safety issues, and is hoping for smooth sailing. But he has to work here. Seriously….no more napping, reading, or tossing some Angry Birds on the job. This isn’t a gravy job like Texas has been for the past year. My honey buns is working for a living again…and hard work this assignment is.

So anyway….late last Saturday night, after more last minute Bertha-repairs, errands, and visits with Daddy, we literally threw our things into our dawghouse’s various orifices. After a fitful night of not sleeping as we fretted over what we were forgetting, we hit the road at 7 am Sunday. Nine hours later, we encountered our welcoming committee.

We are staying at the Caboose Lake RV Park in Remington, IN. The park is extremely nice and very well maintained, and the owners are great. My only complaint is that it is located right on the interstate, at an exit with two major truck stops. So not only is the traffic loud from the busy interstate…we get a lot of noise from truckers and jake brakes as well.

I spent last week organizing the camper, dealing with rentals, trying to remember how to live in a camper, and figuring out how to run a business from afar. All while Riley naps , tortures the kitties,

, and soaks up all the love he can.


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