Sep 04 2011

Yoga Schmoga

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Dawgs! I was so excited Friday morning. Mom was up and about before the crack of dawn. I thought I was going to score an early morning walk-about to read my pee mail early while it was still fresh news. Then she snapped on the tube and this funny woman appeared on the screen. She was dressed in a leopard. Mom told me to move cause she was gonna exorcise herself. WHAT? I’m the one who is posed to get exorcisms in this dawghouse.

Then mom proceeds to do this crazy thing called Yoga. I figured that if I was gonna get exorcised, I’d better join in. And so did the Booger.

This is me doing the corpse pose as the woman on the tube commanded us to relax.

And here, Booger is doing the sideways fat cat as the woman barked at us to loosen up.

This is my best attempt at downward dawg.

Here’s The Booger in the Nose Picker Pose.

(Okay, so that wasn’t during the Yoga Exorcism. But I think it is funny.)

And finally, The Booger doing a Cat-syasana.

I think I want to go back to frisbee catchin’ and penguin pounding for my exorcisms. This yoga stuff is just twisted!

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