Sep 08 2011

Corn, Bridges, and Mills Oh My

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When Mom and Pop said we were going on a roadtrip to do some sight-seeing, I was all ears. Since Mom wouldn’t let me drive cause of the whole opposable thumb thing, I settled for seeing the sights from my usual spot in the back seat, marked by my nose prints all over the windows.

We went to this place called Parke County, Indianers.  We took the scenic route through lots and lots of corn fields to get there.

Mom kept an eyeball out for the Children of the Corn. I have no idea what that means. But from dawg-dropping, I think these corny kids must have eaten a bunch of adults!

We stopped at several of these neat things called covered bridges, which I thought looked a little like humongous, holey dawg-houses. Mom and I are posing in front of the Bridgeton Bridge.

We walked back and forth through the neato bridge. And Mom said I made a complete arse out of myself by barking at another dawg who was sight-seeing too. I dunno about arse, because I was just trying to run it off like I do at home when a dawg gets in our yard. You know what I discovered in the process? That bridge barked back at me me me!!

Here we are being posers on the other side of the bridge. Pop hid in the trees and took this picture while mom was taking one of him. I just wanted them to hurry up so I could go make the bridge bark at me s’more.

Later, we stopped at the Mansfield Mill. Here I am looking all handsome. Mostly I just wanted to dive into the water, cause I really miss romping in our creek!

I’m not sure yet where we are sploring next weekend. I can’t wait to make an arse outta myself again though!!

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2 Responses to “Corn, Bridges, and Mills Oh My”

  1.   Pat Gravetton 26 Sep 2011 at 1:43 pm     1

    Riley, if you had stayed in Indianers any longer Mom would have made a “corn dog” out of you….

  2.   Riley Pupon 27 Sep 2011 at 1:09 pm     2

    Aunt Pat, you are as corny as mom! HA!