Oct 03 2011

Bloomin’ Groomin’

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Dawgs! I have been away from the puter for a few days cause we were in a campground that barely had one of those signal thingies. (Rene, I told you I wasn’t gonna eat the internet again!!!) Anyway, mom and pop got fedded up with the crappy campground and I am glad. We moved to a better one a few miles down the road. It’s still corny here, but now I have a signal…and not in my belly! HA! (burp…)

Anyway, so I got tortured today. Mom says I have to practice good hiney-gene. I don’t know what that means exactly, but I try and hide my hiney when she digs in her drawers to get out all of her implements of torture. Check these out!!!!!

She sticks some of that stuff in my orifices….like my mouth and ears. I mean come on dawgs!  I really hate this groomin’ thing.

Every few days, Mom brushes my teefers and scrapes stuff off of them with that wicked pointy thingie. WTH? Mom and pop call me dawg breath – but I am a dawg. Isn’t that what my breath is sposed to smell like????

Oh, and mom says I mulch too much. But how can I be a German Shedder if I can’t mulch? Here’s all of the fur mom brushed off me today. But don’t worry….tomorrow I’ll have more for her to comb out!

I try and behave when mom tortures me. I only moan, and groan, and grumble, and fuss, and snarf, and squirm, and flop, and whine, and jerk, and roll, and twist, and wiggle, and grumble just a little more. Here’s what I think about this bloomin’groomin’ business…..

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  1.   Reneon 03 Oct 2011 at 10:11 pm     1

    Eeeeeek! Riley you are one scary dude sometimes!

    Hey Wyatt gets his teef brushed (almost) every night so quit yer whinin’ ya hear? 😉

    You look mahvelous, by the way.