Nov 26 2011

Getting freaky at the Wiley Riot Circus

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Circus freak! Can you believe that’s what my own Mom called me???

I knew something was up a few days ago when mom told me that I was gonna have a special turkey day at the Wiley Riot Circus. I was hoping for a cool trip and my own personal gobbler with gravy and smashed taters. I got gobbled all right!

Cause you see, on Turkey Day, I didn’t get my own turkey circus. But I finally got to meet Wyatt Ray Dawg, this kewl dawg and fellow sheppie who mom thinks hung the moon right after I created the universe.

You know, cause we are so awesome and all! Wyatt lives with his kewl pawrents in their rolling dawghouse and they travel around, sorta like we do. So much for eating a gobbler.

Though I tried to chomp Wyatt. Just a little. On his arse.

But only in the interest of self-preservation. How was I sposed to know that Riot Wyatt was not going to eat me? What with the snarling and gnashing and growling and barking and fussing and doggy cussing that we he did. I had to put Wyatt Ray in his place in MY universe right after he showed me who is boss.

Then I had to show him all about pwaying frisbee. Here I am waiting for Pop to throw it again.

Mom says I have Only Dawg Syndrome cause I didn’t wanna share my frisbee. But I don’t hafta share to learn him, do I?? Cause the most important part of the frisbee lesson at the Circus was learning the keep-away part.

Yo, Wyatt, why you biting the ground, dude? You’re sposed to bite the frisbee! Didn’t you watch me???

That’s ok, Riot Ray! I’ve got your number. Tomorrow, we are gonna get our freak on again!

Outta here!

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One Response to “Getting freaky at the Wiley Riot Circus”

  1.   Reneon 27 Nov 2011 at 7:53 pm     1

    Oh Riley, Wyatt is speechless so he’s making me write this for him. He had a BLAST meeting up with you. You’re totally insane just like he is! We love you Riley!!!! Thanks for the good times.

    Look out, we’ll meet up again real soon.