Nov 27 2011


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Mom and Pop served up a surprise with breakfast this morning. Mom said that we were going to this place called San Marcos so that I could swim and eat pway with Wyatt Ray Dawg again. You know, round two. Smokin’! So off we went.

We met up in the parking lot. Riot Ray looked at me cross-eyed.

So I told the Tripawd how it was gonna be!

Then I tried to eat him….just a little…..all gentle like.

But our pawrents broke up the screaming and growling and barking and cussing and snarling and chomping and took us to the creek!

I think Wyatt was so afraid of the water that he threw up a little.

Then I got kinda worried cause I couldn’t figure out how to get outta there! I was really hoping those chunks weren’t from Wyatt!

Wyatt’s mom, Rene, put this cool float coat on him. I’m a little jealous….why won’t mom get me one of those to match my booties?

Then we played steeeeeeek.

Things started heating up and getting all slippery at the same time.

So we moved upstream and took mud baths instead.

Just when Wyatt Ray and I were working out our differences with that shared mud bath, I got a little boo boo on my chest. Mom says I probably tangled with a tree root as I was barreling out of the mudbath chasing after my nemesis my pal Wyatt!

I think maybe Wyatt’s Mom, Rene, freaked a little. Mom said I was okay since it wasn’t a sucking chest wound. I don’t know what that means, but I took her word for it, and tried to keep chomping pwaying with Wyatt. But Mom wasn’t having any more of that! She said it was suture-time! I thought kewl! Maybe that was another play-date!!!

I was so excited that I tried to eat Wyatt again. But this time, WYATT CHEATED! He stopped me dead chomp with a scruff grip behind my ear that made me have to scream UNCLE UNCLE UNCLE like a gurl dawg or somethin’. What was up with that??? Couldn’t Wyatt see that I was temporarily disabled from that sucking chest wound???

After pop pried my fur outta Wyatt Rays teefers, I loaded up for Suture Time!!!

Well, do you want to know what SUTURE TIME is??? Dawgs, it is a trip to the V-E-T!!! I don’t know exactly what they did to me, but when I came outta that place and dove back into mom’s arms, my ass would not steer right and I couldn’t hold my head up.

Here’s my war injury, all fixed up!

When we got back to the dawghouse, I was so stoned that I had to sleep.

Yeah, I pawtied a little tooooo hard.

But just you wait, Riot Ray! Round three at the Wiley Riot Circus will be MINE MINE MINE!!!!

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  1.   Reneon 28 Nov 2011 at 1:06 pm     1

    Ohhhh Riley! It’s about time Riot Ray met someone who will stand up to his antics! He’s in training now, waiting for Round Three. Wyatt sez “Bring it on, dude!”

    P.S. We are SO glad you’re OK!!!