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Dec 02 2010

Road trippin’ across Texas

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Dawgs, guess what? We are road-trippin again. Mom and Pop brought me back to that big honkin state called Texas, and I even got new shoes for it cause pop says that there are nasty sand spurs that will stick in my toe pads like those stupid cactus needles stuck in my tongue out in Arizona last year. I don’t like my shoes, but dude, those cactus needles really hurt, so I guess I’ll wear my shoes when I hafta. Don’t I look funny?  I’m just glad mom isn’t making me wear one on my tongue! Anyway, we are staying in my dawghouse again, checking out the sights. I forgot how fun it is to stay in truck stops at night.  This was where we spent our first night of vacation, at a Flying J in Alabama.

Here I am passed out in the bed after all that driving.

Check this out. We got to ride in the car on a boat at the same time.  It almost scared the crap outta me until I saw that humongous mother of a bird that mom kept calling a pelican. I don’t get it … peli can do what? Eat dawgs? Anyway, I wanted to chase it but I think maybe it would’ve eaten me. Have you seen those things? Dude, they can stuff big dawgs like mememe right down their gullets.

After the ferry ride to Port Aransas, we went to this really cool RV Park called “On the Beach RV Park” cause, well, it’s right on the beach. Here’s our dawghouse parked there.   Mom said we went to Texas last year and that I loved it. I just know that I really loved my big honkin sand box there.  Mom promised that I would get to play in the sand and water at the same time on this trip. I couldn’t imagine what she was talking about, cause the water I usually play in is our creek, but there’s no sand there. Well, after mom and pop got our dawghouse set up, we went for a walk. And dude, is there ever sand and water here!!!  I figured out that being a poser makes mom happy, so I stopped zooming for joy long enough to show her how handsome I am. Then I took off like a maniac, flicking sand everywhere.  Here I am, playing in the sand and water, just like mom promised. But note to self…don’t drink the water. Mom says it will cause me to squirt out both ends. I don’t know what that means exactly, but I don’t think I wanna find out. Oh, there are lots of weird birds here. I like to sneak up on em  then chase em off . I wasn’t running from the bird in that second picture though. Mom just had the camera at a weird angle, that’s all….I didn’t want you to think I was scared of that big bird, cause I wasn’t, really. Here I am enjoying the sunset …. We’ve seen really cool sunrises , and we went to this place today called Padre Island National Seashore. I’m still kinda miffed cause they wouldn’t let me play on the first beach we went to, but I sniffed out the parking area anyway. . I can’t wait to see what we get into tomorrow!

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Jul 09 2010

Road-trippin’ with Riley!

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Dawgs, we have been busy lately! Mom has been saying that we need to update my blog, but haven’t taken the time. Here’s why! We took a long road trip to Tellico Plains. While we were at the campground , we played in my favorite swimming hole in Citico Creek  , I helped Pop look for gold and cool rocks, I played steeeeek in the creek  , napped in the camper  , begged to go out and pway more more more , chewed on Papaw  , and hid between the chairs while mom cooked dinner (she says I have the dropsy cause I am afraid she will drop something on me when she clanks dishes) . I worked hard protecting the camper while we hung out in the campground  !  We drove up the mountain and stopped along the way to sniff out the views  .  We hiked a really long trail down to a creek to the Conasagua River Falls  , and I fretted over Pop when he climbed down the falls to take more pictures  . Mom made us be posers next to another river  above the Bald River Falls (why is it bald??).   After that long week, it started to storm and rain A LOT at home. The thunder scared me so bad that I decided the safest place to be was in Mom’s lap!  . Mom and Pop have been calling me the scaredy-chicken since that night! I was so tired after our camping trip that I kept falling asleep every time I was still for a couple of minutes  !  Once I got rested up from that trip, I had the energy to zoom thru the house again  !  Then mom and pop decided we were going on another camping trip to Papaw’s for a yard sale  . I don’t know why they said they were going to sell his yard and all of our junk in it, but Mom and Pop said I was a good dawg cause I didn’t bark very much at all those people who kept coming and buying all that stuff, even though I was tied to the camper!

Oh! Mom got pretty upset when this creepy dude tried to BUY MEEEEEE! Yeah. You read that right. He kept begging her to buy me, like I was a piece of all that junk lying around. Mom was nice to him at first, cause she wanted him to buy some of the stuff they were trying to get rid of. But then him and his wife were serious and begging her and Pop. I saw him pull out some money and try to get Mom to take it in exchange for me. Get this….she told him her and Pop would not take a million dollars for me. Then mom got MAD! She got really serious with them, and asked if they had kids. When they said they did, she asked them if they would sell her one of their kids since she doesn’t have one. I grinned when I saw them look a little like mom had smacked them or somethin’!! I heard the woman tell mom NO WAY. Mom told her POINT MADE – my child is not for sale either! And they left us alone after that!!! I really wanted to bite the man for being so obnoxious and for ticking mom off like that!

While we were staying at Papaw’s place, I snuck into the front seat of Mom’s car.  I wanted to drive, but she wouldn’t let me….something about not having opposable thumbs and a driver’s license, whatever that means! Oh! And I have been helping Pop in the yard and garden. Check out our sunflower field!  I keep getting in trouble because I like to chomp at the bees. Last year I had to go to the VET cause one stung the roof of my mouth and left a scary red spot that Mom totally freaked out over. I don’t know what the big deal was though. The VET gave me some pills and I got alllll better. Today, I saw a real-life sneaky-snake in our tree in the yard  . I am back to playing with Spanky-spider until our next road-trip  !

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May 05 2010


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Dawgs…we have been busy the last few weeks, and I haven’t been able to hog-dog the ‘puter to tell you ’bout my ventures. But here’s the latest! Last weekend Mom and Pop drove us to a big city called Atlanta in Georgia. Mom said I was born just south of there, but I don’t remember being there. Anyway, we stayed at a NICE hotel that was really friendly to us 4-legged souls. Get this…I was allowed to go in the lobby, through the hallways, and even up the elevator! And the best part?? Mom and Pop let me sleep in the bed with them!!!  I sometimes sneak onto the bed in the camper and get fussed at.  I can’t get into the bed at home cause it is way too high, and I am too scared to jump all the way up there.  But I think I might have to learn to jump that high ’cause this was toooo cool! I did my best to sleep on top of mom alllll night…she kept telling me I am too big! And I think maybe I made her legs sore cause she couldn’t move ’em much thru the night. At least I kept her warm!

I can’t quite figure out the whole elevator thing. I really scared me, cause I felt like I was falling when it moved. I thought that slinking my belly low to the floor would help, but then my feet went in different directions on the slickery floor. And what is up with packing a bunch of people in the vader anyway? Jeeze…at one point there were 7 humans on that thing, plus me! I tried not to sniff anybody’s butt, but they were right in my face! What do they expect?

So now, I can’t wait to get our camper back…(Mom and Pop took it back to the dealer for some repairs). I’m gonna try sneaking into the bed with mom and pop in the middle of the night. Maybe they’ll let me stay???

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Mar 28 2010

Riley’s B.A.R.F.

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Dawgs, am I a spoiled pup! See, mom thinks that most of the processed, bagged kibble is not good for pups. She says that some kinds have rendered dead, diseased, dying, and disabled animals in them. I don’t know what some of that means, but I do know that from the look on her face when she talked about that, I don’t think I wanna eat it. And she says she worried about my belly getting all bloaty from eating the kibble anyway. So she cooks me YUMMY food. Plus, alot of times I eat what her and pop are eating. My favorite is steak and eggs! Too bad I don’t get that very often.

Anyway, last week pop went to my aunt’s farm, and brought home a freezer-full of beef.  Dawgs…I am talking HUGE freezer chock-a-block full of yummy stuff. I even spied some bones and trachea in the mix! Mom says that it is good stuff, with no antibiotics or other nasty stuff. And Aunt Maria’s cows are happy cows, just like on the California happy cow commercials (How you doin’?) , with lots and lots of green pastures to hang out in.

Yesterday, pop cut up a roast for mom to cook for supper, and gave me the bone!  Mom calls it my BARF. I’m confused about that, ’cause it doesn’t look like any barf I’ve ever made. She says it stands for biologically appropriate raw food, or bones and raw food. All I know is that it was a raw bone with some yummy raw meat on it. I don’t get raw food often…mostly cooked cause the raw stuff grosses mom out too much. But I sure do love the boners!! Here I am, chowing on barf!

Pop has been calling me cow breath!

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Mar 16 2010

Hoppy birfday to MEEEEEEEEEE!

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Bow wow wow!  Today is my birfday! I am officially TWO years old. Mom says I should be considered an adult pup now, but that since I don’t act my age, and am still grounded from eating the ‘puter cord and box thingy last week, that I am STILL a rebellious teen-pup to her. That’s okay though….I guess I’ll always be young at heart.

Mom and Pop don’t make big deals out of birfdays, so no pawty for me. But I bet that Mom will come home with another toy for me one day soon. I’m hoping for another big stuffed animal to toss around and zoom through the house with!

Check this out…this was me in the car with Aunt Lola on the day Mom brought me home. I was 9 weeks old then. I don’t remember it, but Mom says I was really scared until I got out of the car at home. Dawg, I grew huh?

Homeward Bound

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Mar 06 2010

Bad dog back in lockup!

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It’s me, Riley Pup. Oh boy, did I get in trouble! Mom and Pop usually leave me free in the house when they go somewhere, cause they said I earned my freedom being a good pup. When I was little, I only chewed up one remote control, munched on the carpet in the bedroom, and ate half of one of mom’s books (but I left her the chapters she hadn’t read yet). And I NEVER counter surf, or get in the trash, or poop or pee in the house …that’s just gross (well, ‘cept that one time that I was really sick and mom didn’t know I was at the door, but she didn’t get mad at me, so that doesn’t count).

So the other day, after I was stuck in this house for three days after it rained and rained and snowed and rained forever, I just lost it in my stir-craziness! After pop left me home alone, I chewed up one of pop’s seed catalogs and left bits and pieces over the office. I figured the kitties would get blamed, cause they are usually the ones that tear up paper around here. Then I got to thinking. Since mom’s been having problems with the cord and funny box to her lap top ‘puter, I decided that I would try and fix it for her. You know, to make up for leaving the paper everywhere in her office, ’cause I did feel a little guilty.

So I drug the cord and box thingy out from under table in between the couches. I figured that since she usually bounces the box around trying to get it to work, I would try a little remodeling work to see if I could chew it into submission. I chomped and gnawed on the box for a while. Then that got boring, cause there wasn’t enough chewy pleasure in that hard ole box. So I chewed the cord off of one end, bit the plug off, and then munched down some of the electric cord. I hear copper is a necessary mineral anyway. That meant fewer vitamins I would have to take, no?

Pop came home later and found what I had done. He only fussed at me a little, cause he said I knew what I had done was bad, and besides, it was his and mom’s fault for not exorcising my demons during all that rain, snow, and cold weather. Then he left again, and locked me back up in the bedroom in solitary confinement. Sure, the kitties come and go, but it’s just not the same. So when mom came home later and found me locked up behind baby gates in the bedroom with what she calls my guilty face (I don’t know what that means), I think she knew I was in some sort of serious trouble. Pop had left the ‘puter cord on the bar in the kitchen. So I got another fussing at from mom when she discovered what I had done. And you know what? She even threatened to take me to the VET to get my picture taken. Fortunately she wasn’t too mad. She said I was getting a good exorcism later. I REALLY like exorcisms, cause they involve lots of frisbee catching, ball chasing, and running across the field out behind the house. So I got an exorcism after I recovered from barfing up the pieces of the electric cord. Note to self….electric cord is really disgusting coming back out. Oh, and mom said she was really glad that the cord wasn’t plugged in, cause it could have fried me…whatever that means.

So the next day, I think cause she felt guilty that she got mad at me even though I was just trying to help fix that box thingy on the ‘puter cord, mom brought me a new bone. This one is really rubbery, kinda like the cord I so enjoyed chewing up. I overheard her tell pop that she hoped it gave me as much chewy pleasure as that old computer cord. I’m trying not to hurt her feelings, but I just don’t like it as much. So yeah, I got a new bone. But now I am grounded, stuck in solitary confinement in the bedroom when mom and pop aren’t home and I don’t get to go with them. Lockup really sucks!

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Jan 05 2010

Campin’ Kitties

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We brought our entire kitty herd along for the roadtrip….Pup would be lost without his Zachman to pway with, and the other kitties to keep him company too.

This is Abby in a coma.         She doesn’t care what we do to her, asleep or not.

She is also know as Poopies, and the helpy-helper-ton. Anytime there is anything going on, she is right in the middle of it. Take our trying to pack the dive bags for our dive  into San Solomon Spring at Balmorhea State Park in Texas…Abby had to help hold down the dive bag after she figured out that we were not going to let her sleep in it.  

Samson has been camping with us since he was about 5 weeks old, and barely bigger than my hand. Here he is minding his manners at the kitchen table.  

Sam has a very small personal space, AKA the Sam-circle. He was snoozing in the chair when Zachman decided to snuggle. Sam is frowning at him, contemplating licking and then biting Zach for intruding into his circle.   Sam’s favorite sleeping position:   . Sam’s a happy camper .

Jacobean has been camping with us since we rescued him. Bean and Sam were with us during our full-time days. Because of Beanie’s bad leg, his preferred resting position is hanging out.

Booger-beans leads an incredibly complex life…the highlights of which include bathing  

and sleeping… and sleeping   and sleeping   and sleeping and you guessed it, sleeping  .

Tom Tom Tail Sucker sleeps almost as much as Booger….

The kitties have adjusted surprisingly well to the smaller doghouse. We knew Sam and Beanie would have no problems traveling. Tom Tom, Booger, and Abby adapt quite nicely to any changes we throw at them. The problem was Zachman, who screams at the top of his lungs anytime there is a major environmental change. Fortunately, he has only meowed a few times before moves when the kitty tunnel into the basement gets blocked before we move. I knew they had adjusted quite well when we woke up one morning to glass clanging and to this: . Empty food bowls equal chaos in Switter household. The kitties get upset and start rearranging objects.  Our investigation revealed that the kitties were stacking their food bowls up because they were empty. I can’t imagine what they would do if they had opposable thumbs!!

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Dec 27 2009

But I’m on Vacation, Mom!

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Would someone PWEEEEZE remind Mom that I am on vacation toooo. That should mean a break from the indignities of teefer brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and booger-picking, shouldn’t it?

But I am still being scrubbed, wiped, trimmed, brushed, picked, and cleaned!

Mom and Pop said it’s all in a days work for a spoiled pup, and that I should count my lucky dawgs that I haven’t gotten a bath yet. I’m very happy ’bout that, but I still don’t like my teefers brushed!

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Oct 12 2009

I’m lazy, therefore I snooze!

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Hey RVers! Riley Pup here. I sure am lazy this afternoon. We got up early cause mom had to go to work really early, really far away. She threw out rabies vaccine bait so the wild critters don’t get rabies.  I really wanted to go with her, but she said the bait is really fishy smelling and stinky, and she suspected I would sneak and eat some of it. And she thinks over-vaccination causes baaaad health problems for us pups, so I didn’t get to help. I wouldn’t have snuck any, really!

But, I did get to go and help lay carpet at an apartment with pop. Then, since mom finished baitinga little early, she picked me up and brought me home for a lazy afternoon snoozing inside since it is rainy and nasty outside. I can’t make up my mind between my puppy chair and the couch though. Earlier, I plopped my happy butt right in mom’s lap and napped there for a long time while she worked on the puter.

I sure do wish our camper would hurry up and get here so we can go on a road trip. All this anticipation sure is hard work!

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Oct 04 2009

Introducing me, Riley Pup!

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Introducing Riley PupHi to mom’s RVer friends. Mom said she wanted to introduce me to other friends that aren’t furbarkers, and since I snuck on the ‘puter once to say hi to her furbarker friends, she said I could do this one too. Something about its furapeutic to write about yourself. It’ll take me longer to type, mom says ’cause I don’t have opposable thumbs. Sometimes she tells me that if I had opposable thumbs, she’d make me work to earn my keep. But I’m not sure what that means.

So, I was born in Georgia to Jack Sparrow and Nicki. I’m 19 months old, and came to live with Mom and Pop when I was 9 weeks old. I was really scared on the trip home, and rode in Aunt Lola’s lap all the way while Mom drove us back. Once I got out of the car at Aunt Lola’s, mom let me splore her yard and that’s where I learned to climb steps. Then, when I came home later that day, Ladybug was here with Pop. She looked alot like me, but she had really long, fuzzy hair, and she couldn’t use her rear legs very well at all. Mom said she had DM, whatever that means. Lady showed me the ropes, like where to poop and pee, and how to play nice with the kitties. Not long after I came home, Lady’s back legs finally wouldn’t work anymore, and Mom and Dad took her to the vet and then came home crying really hard and told me Lady wasn’t suffering anymore and was with Kayle out in our field. Sometimes I go to visit them there. I never got to meet Kayle, but I know that she was super-special to Mom and Dad. They really loved Ladybug too, but Kayle was their firstborne, and I don’t think that she was a loner like Lady. Lady was kinda funny, and really preferred fuzzies like her Kayle and kitties to humans, maybe cause Mom rescued her from a feed store lot when she was older than I am now, and she hadn’t been around humans that much. Jacobean was her favorite kitty. Mine is Boobits, cause he likes to pway with me. Mom told me that Kayle was really attached to her and Pop, kinda like I am. I sure wish I could have known Kayle. From what I hear, she really liked to play with toys, like me.

I have 8 brothers and sisters now. They are Boobits, Sheba-love, Niblet, Jacobean, Samson, Booger, Abby (but Mom & Pop call her Poopies cause she’s stinky sometimes) and Tom Tom Tail Sucker (he sucks tail). They’re all kitties, and sometimes I think I act too much like a kitty, like when I rub and weave between peoples legs, or get in the litterbox (I like kitty cookies), or play with the kitty toys. That’s a bunch of kitties, but they have all been rescued from really bad situations. Jacobean walked on his elbow when he came home cause he has a torn nerve in his shoulder, Niblet had been hit by a car and was blind in one eye, Sam was rescued from the animal shelter, Sheba & Boobits were rescued from the side of the road when they were really little, and Booger, Abby, and Tom Tom were almost starved to death at my uncle’s house cause something bad happened to their mom.  I think Mom and Dad took turns feeding them with bottles and droppers every few hours for weeks until they were bigger and better.

I really like to play and play and play. My favorite toys are my cuzzes (I have 3!). I play with those all the time, and when Mom and Pop watch TV, I squeak them really loud so they can’t hear it. I also love stuffed animals that are big and long, cause I like to sling them around and around. I have my own puppy chair, but really don’t mind sharing with the kitties. I love to play frisbee and chase my ball outside too. Oh, and I LOVE to get in the creek, and sometimes I get fussed at for sneaking away to get in by myself. Mom will tell me to get my biscuits back to the house.

Mom works doing something with the environment, and Pop is taking care of rental properties and remodeling our house right now. I just helped him replace all the windows and put new siding on the outside of the house. I think we are going to renovate an apartment next week. Maybe I can go with him everyday while Mom is working.

I think I was a late bloomer, cause I only recently started to like riding in the car. I’d do it, but it was a chore. But this past summer, I figured out that hanging your head out the window is fun when we’re going pup-speed. I also love to go camping. Mom says we are getting a new camper soon. I can’t wait to sniff it out and go somewhere new.

Mom feeds me human food cause she says the bagged, dry stuff can be really bad for us pups. So she cooks me lots of good food, like chicken, beef roasts, with chicken liver, brown rice, carrots, sweet taters, broccoli, green beans, and other green stuff that actually tastes good. I also get cottage cheese, eggs sometimes, and yogurt. And she changes my food alot, something about so I don’t get allergic to stuff…I don’t understand that, but I really like her cooking!! I never know what the next batch will have in it. Occasionally I get fish…that’s my favorite cause it is really stinky! I never get fleas cause I eat good food, and my belly is always happy. Mom says a happy belly makes happy poopies!

Mom and Pop are working so we can camp all the time. I think it will be a big adventure, but I hope we can still come home sometimes so I can play in the creek and romp in the yard! Gotta run. Time now for mom to cook supper and I have to help!


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