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Sep 08 2011

Riley Pup – On the Wagon!!!

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My. Name. Is. Riley………………………………And. I’ve. Got. A. Problem.

I am addicted to eating the most expensive household electronics I can get my chompers on (in addition to other stuff, like books, but that isn’t included in this confessional). Yep….that’s right. Remote controls, computer cords, not one but TWO MiFi’s….if it is within my reach, I’m gonna eat it. 

I mean, if it WAS within my reach, I WAS gonna eat it.

You see, I am a changed dawg. No more eating expensive electronics….really.

“I, Riley Pup, do solemnly swear to love, honor, and cherish all things technological and electrical. I promise to respect their greatness, ignore them no matter what neat tricks I imagine them doing, and not chew them or ingest them for as long as they remain expensive and functional.”

In return, I don’t hafta share my blog anymore!!! You see, I promised mom that if she would just let me have my blog ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL to myself (mine mine mine), then I would stop eating the computer stuff, and the remote controls, and the MiFi. And guess what? She agreed!! She created an all new blog just for herself and Pop, called Roadtrippin’ Ramblings, and she wants all of my devoted followers to read her blog too, cause she says writing for an audience is more fun than writing for yourself.

So stick with me, and I’ll learn you all about Livin’ the Life of Riley! And Mom and Pop will tell you about all of our adventures from their perspective! And while you are at it, hows about commenting occasionally to let us know you are lurking or following! We love our lurkers and followers alike!

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