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Jul 02 2011

I herded a rumor!

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Dawgs….shhhh. I’m gonna share a secret! Mom and Pop have been having these long conversations about health insurance (what’s that?), road trippin’, RV parks, property managers, giving a two week notice to some dawgs I think, wind farms, mail, banks, and lots of other stuff that seems really complicated. I don’t understand it all. But mom and pop are excited. I think they are planning a really really LOOOONG road trip, and soon. I’m gonna keep snooping! I’ll keep you posted!

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Dec 09 2010

Stew It

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Dawgs, mom cooks me huge batches of yummy food at home. I love pup-food-cookin-day! I get freshly cooked nummies, plus I get to help do the dishes. I ran outta food a couple of days ago, and so mom has been feeding me what her and pop have been eating, plus other nummies like eggs for breakfast. For dinner last night I had pork roast, taters, and carrots! I prefer bach-bach food, but the roast was pretty yummy!! Sometimes I almost wish she would feed me what her and pop are eating all the time!

 Today she cooked up another batch of pup food.  I’m kinda excited about pup-food cookin in the dawghouse, cause mom makes smaller batches. This is great for two reasons….first, if mom hasn’t had a chance to cook me more nummies, when I run out then I get to eat what her and pop are eating. And that means fresh meals cooked just for mememe too…say, steak n taters, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, bach bach and veggies, SALMON, you get the picture. Delish!

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Dec 04 2010

Laughin’ on Baffin Bay

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Dawgs, we went road trippin again today. We left Port Aransas, home to the mother of all birds that are big, dark, and holey, those scary peli-can-eat-dawgs. We drove to this new place that mom called BFE land while she laughed with glee as we zipped through the 70 mile per hour speed zone down this narrow, tarred and feathered, two-lane country road out to our new campground, the Sea Wind RV Resort in Riviera, TX. Our new neighborhood is pretty cool. It is right on Baffin Bay, and we have a really cool lake in our back yard too. Check out the view from our back window.   Here is our site.

Mom and pop originally picked out a different site on the lake. When pop started to back our dawghouse into the other site, the neighbor, who mom called the angry-almost-naked dude, came running out all discombobulated that we were trying to get into that site because he was mooching the power from it instead of his own site, and because he was using the water from that site to water his yard. And get this….he had three no dog signs around his site.  WTH? After mom’s brief encounter with him, she said she decided she’d had enough of his internal caldron of anger and called the office to request different neighbors. Boy am I glad. Cause I really wanted to pee on his precious grass!

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Dec 02 2010

Road trippin’ across Texas

Dawgs, guess what? We are road-trippin again. Mom and Pop brought me back to that big honkin state called Texas, and I even got new shoes for it cause pop says that there are nasty sand spurs that will stick in my toe pads like those stupid cactus needles stuck in my tongue out in Arizona last year. I don’t like my shoes, but dude, those cactus needles really hurt, so I guess I’ll wear my shoes when I hafta. Don’t I look funny?  I’m just glad mom isn’t making me wear one on my tongue! Anyway, we are staying in my dawghouse again, checking out the sights. I forgot how fun it is to stay in truck stops at night.  This was where we spent our first night of vacation, at a Flying J in Alabama.

Here I am passed out in the bed after all that driving.

Check this out. We got to ride in the car on a boat at the same time.  It almost scared the crap outta me until I saw that humongous mother of a bird that mom kept calling a pelican. I don’t get it … peli can do what? Eat dawgs? Anyway, I wanted to chase it but I think maybe it would’ve eaten me. Have you seen those things? Dude, they can stuff big dawgs like mememe right down their gullets.

After the ferry ride to Port Aransas, we went to this really cool RV Park called “On the Beach RV Park” cause, well, it’s right on the beach. Here’s our dawghouse parked there.   Mom said we went to Texas last year and that I loved it. I just know that I really loved my big honkin sand box there.  Mom promised that I would get to play in the sand and water at the same time on this trip. I couldn’t imagine what she was talking about, cause the water I usually play in is our creek, but there’s no sand there. Well, after mom and pop got our dawghouse set up, we went for a walk. And dude, is there ever sand and water here!!!  I figured out that being a poser makes mom happy, so I stopped zooming for joy long enough to show her how handsome I am. Then I took off like a maniac, flicking sand everywhere.  Here I am, playing in the sand and water, just like mom promised. But note to self…don’t drink the water. Mom says it will cause me to squirt out both ends. I don’t know what that means exactly, but I don’t think I wanna find out. Oh, there are lots of weird birds here. I like to sneak up on em  then chase em off . I wasn’t running from the bird in that second picture though. Mom just had the camera at a weird angle, that’s all….I didn’t want you to think I was scared of that big bird, cause I wasn’t, really. Here I am enjoying the sunset …. We’ve seen really cool sunrises , and we went to this place today called Padre Island National Seashore. I’m still kinda miffed cause they wouldn’t let me play on the first beach we went to, but I sniffed out the parking area anyway. . I can’t wait to see what we get into tomorrow!

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Aug 08 2010

The Guilty-Dawg Grin

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Mom says I am a good dawg. I believe her. I mind her most of the time, like when she tells me to stop chewing on the kitties. But Boo is irressistable…I can’t help but chew on him when Mom or Pop is twitching him and tickling him. But I figured it out….when I get in trouble for chasing or chewing on Boo, I just give Mom the guilty-dawg grin.

She’s such a sucker!! This gets me out of trouble almost everytime! 

So take notes class! If you are about to get in trouble, or if you are already in trouble, lay down and roll over on your back. Flop your legs out so that you are showing all of your stuff. Fold your front paws over, then grin really really big, so your teefers are showing…..just like this!    Your humans will forget about the trouble you just caused, guaranteeeeeed!

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